is a Physiotherapy Research Search and Discovery Platform Developed by a Physiotherapist.


The main search engine was disabled due to technical reasons; however, I’ll be adding a search engine to each discipline page to search only from journals in that discipline.

The search engine you see on the home page is a google programmable search engine, which was customized to only search over 120 physiotherapy or related journals (see all indexed journals here). Unfortunately, I later discovered that after adding more than 20 websites (journals in this case), the engine stops working properly. However, I am currently looking for alternatives, but the problem is that paid customizable search engines are expensive (Over $5000/month).


Physiokeys contain hundreds of feeds from over 90 journals, feeds are either from the journal itself or generated from PubMed (Indicated in the tab title or if it takes you to PubMed when you click on the article).

Some of the PubMed feeds are not accurate, so you may see articles that are not related to physiotherapy. (I keep testing different keywords and filters to get the best results, if you have a suggestion to solve this problem please contact me here)

Who is running Physiokeys?

Physiokeys is managed by me, a dedicated physiotherapist with a passion for staying updated on the latest research articles in our field. Recognizing the challenges in accessing this valuable information, I took it upon myself to create a platform that simplifies the process not only for myself but also for fellow physiotherapists.

How do Physiokeys make money?

It does not. Physiokeys is a free service with no subscriptions or ads (we also don’t sell user data).

While I cover the operating costs out of my own pocket at the moment, I recognize that as the platform grows and requires better infrastructure, there may be a need to explore monetization options in the future. This could include partnerships, sponsorships, or other revenue streams that align with the platform’s mission while ensuring its sustainability and continued free access to users.


Currently, my main goal is to make the website faster, it’s taking time because I am studying how to run private servers (Which is hard). Also, a mobile app!

Thank you for using

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